Arnie Dufner Series Beastiary

Creatures from Asthenos and beyond…

The Mole

The Mole is a larger form of the “Common” Mole you have probably seen burrowing near the surface of Azaleara. Bred in Asthenos, the Mole serves as a basic tool of the Tephra to carry out their attacks on residents of Lithos and Azaleara.
While a group of Moles can be a serious threat, the Mole is a rather ignorant creature and can be easily frightened or confused when alone or in small groups.

The Stink-Mole

The Stink Mole is a more powerful relative of the Mole. Like the Mole, the Stink Mole is commonly controlled by the Tephra, and performs the tasks considered too difficult for the weaker Mole.
With more strength and extremely sharp claws and teeth, the Stink Mole can be a very serious threat when traveling in groups.
The Stink Mole’s name comes from it’s very strong odor that is often the first warning of their being nearby.

The Hugging Bats

The Hugging Bat is a relative of the common Cave Bat, and is given it’s unusual name because of it’s method of attack.
When an enemy is discovered, the Hugging Bats swarm around the enemy and attach themselves to it. When the enemy is controlled, the Hugging Bats drag them to a deep hole containing their nest, and drop them in to feed their young.
Fortunately, the domain of the Hugging Bat is limited because of their need to live near a deep hole.

The Tephra

The Tephra is one of the most dangerous creatures commonly found above Asthenos. Not known to enter Azaleara itself, the Tephra uses creatures like the Mole and Stink Mole to carry-out it’s attacks there.
The Tephra is not physically dangerous, and is in fact a very fragile and slow creature. The power of the Tephra is it’s ability to control the minds of other creatures, either leading them to carry out the Tephra’s wishes, or to disable or destroy an enemy by over-stressing the enemy’s mind.
The Tephra is a very proud creature, and is constantly competing with other Tephras to maintain their status. Because of their need for personal status, the Tephra is highly untrustworthy, quick to anger, and always suspicious.