The Home of Arnie Dufner!

Arnie Dufner and the Purple Princiapl!

The Adventure Begins!

Grade Level: 3 – 7 and anyone who loves a good story!

Arnie Dufner thought his biggest worries were History Class, a bully, and a detention in the Principal’s Office.

Arnie was wrong.

Very wrong.

Hi, I’m Arnie.

I’ve been spending lots of time trying to read the book dad gave me so I can be ready for the next time those Moles try something.

Some of the stuff in the book doesn’t make a lot of sense yet, but some of it is pretty intersting…like the parts about the Moles and the other things we might run into down there.

I can’t put any of the secret stuff here, but I thought I would show you some of that monster stuff…just in case…you know…

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